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Piloting a kayak

Missionary pilot Joel Davis used an inflatable kayak to rescue people in the Philippines during a recent tropical storm.

Joel and his wife, Missy and their two young children, arrived in the Philippines earlier this year and received their visas in record time. Another new missionary couple, Josh and Candy Dalton, also helped during the storm.

“We have walked through Tropical Storm Ketsana and its aftermath with friends who have lost everything and had the opportunity to help in some of the hardest-hit areas,” Candy wrote. “Most of our language teachers were affected to some degree …. There are also a number of missionaries whose houses were full of water. They will face the burden of replacing or repairing furniture, vehicles, electronics and many other belongings.”

Joel and Missy are currently in Manila learning the culture and language and adjusting to their new environment. Missy wrote concerning a bag that Joel recently lost while traveling by taxi in Manila.

“The taxi driver gave the bag to his friend, who found us on the NTM website. He e-mailed us, and brought the bag to our house the next day, with everything still in it. We are praising the Lord for an honest taxi driver and friend and the way the Lord allowed them to find us.”

Pray for the Davis family and the Daltons as they adjust to their new surroundings and cope with the aftermath of the recent tropical storm.

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POSTED ON Nov 25, 2009 by Dena McMaster