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Specialized aircraft and skilled pilots are necessary to navigate difficult terrains.

Praying in a Fleet

For missionaries scattered throughout remote tribal villages, the plane is their lifeline. It’s their taxi, their delivery truck, and in times of emergencies, their ambulance. But our Cessna 206 planes are seeing their age. They are no longer able to efficiently or economically serve many of the tribal locations in Papua New Guinea.

Why the Kodiak?

A change was needed, but how and to what? Much prayer and research began -- and the Kodiak aircraft reached the top of the list.

“The Kodiak is a multi-use aircraft, able to land on the short rugged strips as well as fly the medevacs to Australia,” writes Phil Koop, Executive Director of NTM Aviation. “It can handle the high mountains, lowlands, islands, and changing weather conditions encountered in Papua New Guinea.

“Additionally … the Kodiak is powered with a turbine engine burning readily available, lower-priced Jet A fuel instead of Avgas [which the Cessna requires]. The Kodiak can fuel up for a round trip and still carry over two times the payload of a Cessna 206, enabling missionaries to reduce the number of flights needed and maximize the amount of supplies they can take on each trip.”

God at Work!

The decision was made to trust God for a fleet of three Kodiaks for Papua New Guinea. It could have appeared an impossible dream -- except for God. The need was made known, God moved hearts, and some generous ministry partners purchased the first Quest Kodiak. Talk about a miracle!

At present, the necessary modifications are being made to this first Kodiak, bringing it one step closer to being delivered to Papua New Guinea. Pray with us for the additional funds and the logistics involved in getting the Kodiak to its final destination.

Contributing Your Vote

There’s a practical way you can help. New Tribes Mission was chosen by Lightspeed Aviation Foundation as a contender for a $2,000 to $10,000 grant. The top eight most popular organizations out of the 15 finalists will be awarded the grants.

In 2013, NTM placed second and received $8,000, which was invested in a helicopter used for Typhoon Haiyan relief in the Philippines. NTM Aviation decided that any 2014 Lightspeed Aviation Foundations grant should go toward the Kodiak aircraft needed for Papua New Guinea. Your vote can be part of moving NTM up in the rankings.

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POSTED ON Aug 31, 2014 by Rosie Cochran