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Steffan Pyle prepares helicopter to complement ongoing disaster relief efforts in the Philippines.

Relief flights help rebuild lives

Julie Pyle is thankful for the prayers of God’s people. Her husband, Steffan, is a missionary pilot who has been diligently serving in typhoon relief ministries to the Philippines. Because many of these needy areas are remote and because many others have been heavily impacted with damage to various communications systems, contact is “hit and miss,” Julie shares.

But recently, she heard briefly from Steffan by phone. He was able to share some perspectives on what is involved in flying to provide relief to typhoon-devastated locations.

Steffan says that there are cooperative efforts being coordinated and carried out by local churches. The churches on some of the larger islands collect food and building supplies, then the Kodiak is loaded up to deliver these loads to smaller islands. At that point, a helicopter is used to transport the supplies to the extremely isolated areas. 

“Usually a pastor from a local church is flown in to help distribute the food and supplies,” Julie writes. “It’s really been working out great and so many people are receiving help.”

There is joy in the ministry of meeting these pressing needs. Julie adds, “Steffan said that one day as he was lifting up out of a village, some of the people ran out waving good-bye and mouthing the words, ‘Thank you.’ It’s such a privilege to have a small part in bringing help and hope to these people.”

Steffan and Julie firmly believe that prayer is a real resource—one that God honors. They have already seen the power of prayer at work on many levels. God has already protected and provided graciously in this relief ministry.

So Steffan and Julie Pyle are asking for your continued prayers. Please pray for all the pilots and missionaries and local pastors involved in these relief efforts. Pray for missionaries to be given health and stamina for the extreme demands of this ministry. Pray for safety in operations and equipment. And since the needs are so extensive and can feel overwhelming, ask God to grant wisdom to those who must decide where and when to meet needs in various locations.

Most of all, Julie asks, “Pray for the people who have been hit by this storm. Pray that in helping them rebuild their lives, there will be open doors for the gospel.”

POSTED ON Dec 13, 2013 by Cathy Drobnick