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Summer is and isn't a break

Missionaries Jerry and Renee Cox relish the somewhat slower pace of the summer months at the mission center in Papua New Guinea when school is out and the aviation program slows down a bit.

Renee, a missionary school teacher, is preparing her third-grade classroom for an influx of students this month as people return from home assignment and begin settling back into their ministries.

She will be teaching math and language arts and is looking forward to a busy school year. But now she is taking advantage of free time this summer by giving piano lessons to Jenny, her 10-year-old daughter and playing tennis with Jerron, her teenaged son.

Jerry is an aviation mechanic and goes to town each day to work at the hangar. He is also fixing air conditioners at the mission center in preparation for the coming school year. He's using his "spare time" to work on correspondence courses with some really tricky math problems.

Pray for Jerry and Renee as they minister to the missionaries in Papua New Guinea through teaching the children and helping to provide flight service.

POSTED ON Jul 07, 2009 by Dena McMaster