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The time to live in a village is here.

The Easton family moves in

After years of anticipation, preparation and floods of prayers, the Easton family is finally moving to a remote village in the Philippines. It scarcely seems real.

“Of course we have visited several times and did a 10-day stint last August,” writes Dennis Easton, “but this time we are moving in to stay.”

Completing the final preparations for the move-in has been stressful. The week leading up to the move, the family spent in a flurry of activity packing up their guest house apartment in Manila, flying to the helicopter hangar, buying supplies for their first three weeks in the jungle, shipping their cargo in by land and getting ready for their two helicopter flights.

Once arrived, the family will undergo all the usual business of moving in to a new home: unpacking, getting settled in an unfamiliar environment and also realizing their new reality of living life in a remote village.

“We are experiencing lots of different emotions right now,” Dennis wrote: “fatigue, excitement, apprehension, relief, fear, joy – the full gamut.”

The family requests prayer as they take these next steps in their mission. This includes prayer over the  care of their 2-month-old son and four girls, as well as harvesting enough lumber from fallen trees to build a home and reduce the cost of shipping concrete and steel on unreliable roads through the jungle. They also need prayer over the relationships they will begin to build with their new neighbors, and to establish a healthy balance between their family needs and their purpose for being there.

Throughout this whole transition, the family is keenly aware of the support network and the teamwork involved in moving them to the Philippines, “Thank you so much!” they write. There is much to look forward to as they dig in to the adventure God has placed them in.

POSTED ON Jan 30, 2014 by Leah Gerber