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Charlie Patton and Leandro Siqueira

The Flight is On!!

Tomorrow, August 27, 2015 Charlie Patton will fly NTM Aviation's Cessna 206 from one town in Brazil, to its place of ministry. Also in the cockpit will be Leandro Siqueira, a Brazilian pilot with ASAS, another mission aviation ministry.

"Depending on the weather," says Charlie's wife Ruth, "this will be a 2 to 3 day flight over a sea of jungle."

Thanks for all the years you have already been "tracking" this Cessna 206 to its destination, despite the setbacks and delays.   For missionaries working in this remote region, the plane can't arrive soon enough. "Many trips -- hours and days spent riding in canoes -- would have been shortened if an aircraft had been available," says Phil Poulson, an NTM leader in Brazil.

Thanks for continuing to pray for a permanent pilot so this plane will have maximum flexibility in supporting outreach to isolated pockets of people in Brazil.

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POSTED ON Aug 27, 2015