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When It Comes to This

“Grandfather” had rejected the Gospel. In fact, he was so adamant about his stance that he moved to a Wana village with others who also didn’t want anything to do with the Gospel.

But Grandfather had a problem. A simple one, really. His foot got infected. He was sure he could just go to the witch doctor, and all would be well.

He knew his sons wouldn’t like it at all, of course. They were so sure of the Creator God. They didn’t even fear the spirits anymore. Instead, they were missionaries, serving the Creator, teaching His message to those who hadn’t heard.

They’d talked with Grandfather many times about the Creator God who was all-powerful over the spirits. But Grandfather just couldn’t bear to part ways with the tradition of his fathers. How could he turn his back on his ancestors, his relatives, his friends? And what would the spirits do? He feared their vengeance.

So Grandfather paid a visit to the witch doctor. But despite the incantations, his foot not only got worse, it started to decay and rot. It infected his whole body. Within a month, Grandfather was emaciated and gaunt — dying.

Now where could he turn? The spirits had rejected him. And surely the Creator God would reject him too. How could he possibly ask his boys for help now?

But Saprin, one of his sons, made a decision. He asked pilot Steffan Pyle to fly the helicopter into Grandfather's village and get his father. It was a matter of life and death.

Steffan flew Grandfather to the city where he was admitted to the hospital. With medical care — including amputation of a toe and a heavy round of antibiotics — Grandfather survived.

“But more importantly,” says Steffan, “it gave Wana believers … a chance to share the gospel.” After many years of rejecting God’s Word, Grandfather admitted “with tears” that the old way is not true and the spirits cannot be trusted. At his request, Saprin and another Wana missionary are teaching him the new way — the Good News written in the Book that never changes.

The village where Grandfather lives will hear this news! The Creator is indeed more powerful than the witch doctor. While the spirits were willing for Grandfather to die without hope, the Creator made a way to save not only his physical life but his soul, by bringing him face to face with the Savior.

Because of the NTM Aviation Missionary Flight Sponsorship, Saprin didn’t have to hesitate to call for the helicopter. Though he is a missionary of very little means, he knew he’d be charged a price he could afford. Now through his act of compassion for his father, the whole village will be impacted. They’ll know that the Almighty God extends mercy even to someone who has rejected Him.

As you donate to Missionary Flight Sponsorship, you help when medical needs escalate beyond local means of help. The fame of the God who loves and cares for people opens doors for His Word to reach people’s hearts.

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POSTED ON Jan 09, 2017 by Wonita Werley