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And just like that ...

... the first R66 is serving in PNG.

The pilots and passengers on the first ministry flight of the R66 in Papua New Guinea.  

All the prayers, all the giving, all the times you enthusiastically shared with others the need for new helicopters in Papua New Guinea:  It all paid off! The first ever R66 helicopter in Papua New Guinea is doing ministry flights — and what a gamut of flights it has been so far!

On the first day, Ethnos360 Aviation pilot Josh Verdonck, accompanied by check pilot Brian Pruett, took church planters and an IT technician into the remote and swampy Iski location where a thriving church has been established.  While there, Josh and Brian had the privilege of shuttling some of the Iski believers to another village where they are currently reaching out with the gospel teaching! 

Day two found Josh and Brian flying fuel into the Kovol people group where church planters are still putting the language into writing in preparation for literacy, translation and teaching.   


Then, in a nod to the horizons that this R66 will reach, Josh and Brian flew into the even more isolated Kuyu people group to check out the heli pad they have made.  For years, the Kuyu have asked for missionaries to come and teach them.  “You know, we have everything that we need for our bodies,” a village leader had said, “but we don’t have the things that we need for life.” A church planting team is in the final stages of preparation to take the gospel to that village, and the helicopter is ready to help.

 Pilot Josh Verdonck greeting the Kuyu people.  

We are in awe of God’s work to bring Christ to the hardest to reach places in Papua New Guinea. And we are in awe of how He has used a multitude of people in the process.  Each plays a vital part. Every link in this chain is as important as the next.  This ministry goes around the world from the churches in North America giving support, to the churches in the mountains in PNG where the seed we sow falls on fertile ground and bears fruit.

What can we all do but bow in thanksgiving to our gracious and merciful God who has given us the commission to reach those who need to hear!

The Kuyu are waiting.  Pray for those planning to reach them, as they will be in discussions this week.   

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POSTED ON Apr 26, 2022 by Wonita Werley
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