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Ethnos360 Aviation Expo 2018

“Eye opening!” “Outstanding!” “Fantastic!” It was more than just airplanes and helicopters that brought those comments at the 2018 Ethnos360 Aviation Expo.

Many started the day with a helicopter or plane ride.

Two Robinson R66 helicopters and a Cessna 206 shared the flights.

On one flight, the helicopter dropped off four teenage boys on a nearby mountain. While they hiked back (the red dotted line down the center of the projection), the plane and helicopters did 40 flights (the green “oval” and the blue “triangle”) . What took the guys 6 ½ hours took the helicopter 7 minutes. Is it any wonder that missionaries rely on aviation to make their work possible?

The guys arrived back tired and sunburned ...

… and ready for a good meal in the Ethnos360 Eatery.

Some people were satisfied just to watch mission aircraft at work in the Mission Theatre – complete with popcorn …

… or just look at the aircraft on display. The Kodiak fascinated viewers, with its state-of-the-art equipment designed just for mission aviation, explained here by Tim Hughes.

Charlie Patton shows off an R66 helicopter like the one we hope to acquire for service in Brazil.

Standing next to the Cessna 206 training airplane, Dan Swanson walked people through the training required to serve as a missionary aviator.

Attendees could get an “inside look” at a Cessna 206 that has a long and adventurous mission history.

Kids could make an airplane out of candy …

… rivet a small metal airplane (here assisted by Aurora Glidewell and Naomi James) …

… or throw switches to learn the lighting system on an electrical airplane mock-up.

But the most eye-opening experience of the day was the Village Experience.  It began with the timeline.  Here, Kay Hughes shows the progression as missionaries enter an unreached village to the point where a thriving church can stand on its own, with missionaries no longer needed.  One guest said he used to think, “Five years, and no converts?”  Now he realizes it’s five years just to learn the language!

From there, guests “entered” a remote village.

They got a “miniature” missions training in language learning and culture – on very comfortable seats!

Then it was time for the real deal – in crowded, dark jungle huts …

… face to face with village people, like this Malumanda man from Papua New Guinea. They tried to communicate, learn a few words, and not offend him with cultural taboos. “That guy had me sweating!” said one man. It was unnerving for some. It rocked people to the core. “I realize now what missionaries are up against,” said another man.

It was a clash of worlds in many ways. And people walked away knowing they need to have a part in reaching the unreached with the Good News.

We’d love to talk with anyone who wants to get involved. Come for a visit. Make a phone call. Check out our Facebook page or explore our website. We’re here for you.  And we’ll see you next Expo!

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POSTED ON Mar 02, 2018 by Wonita Werley