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Fuel Shortage in Papua New Guinea

Pilot Stuart Sims fuels the R66 in a remote location.  

Do you sometimes feel the need for urgent prayers on your behalf? It’s true for Ethnos360 Aviation, too. In fact, our aviation team and all the missionaries in Papua New Guinea would appreciate some extra prayer right now because of the fuel situation in that country.

Here’s what the field leaders have written about it:

“One of the key components for working in remote areas in Papua New Guinea is to have fuel. Jet fuel is used by our helicopters and Kodiak planes to deliver supplies, provide medical evacuations, and get missionaries in and out of isolated villages. Diesel fuel is used by generators to supply power and for vehicles that travel on rough roads into more accessible locations.

“Unfortunately, the only jet fuel provider for the country and one of the main suppliers of diesel and petrol has stated that they are unable to supply any fuel until further notice. With a limited amount of reserve, contingency plans must be implemented, and decisions must be made to wisely provide for our centers and teams in remote locations.

“Prayer is appreciated for a quick resolution to the country’s fuel situation, for the people of PNG affected by it, and for the missionaries of NTM PNG needing to adjust.”

Kodiak being fueled

Church planter Benjamin Hatton watches as a Kodiak is fueled and loaded.

In order to face the situation as wisely as possible, our aviation team there has ordered 80 barrels of Jet A fuel from New Zealand. When it arrives (in a month or more), it will give them about 12 weeks of Jet A when coupled with some stored fuel already on hand.  Pray the ship will arrive soon. 

Pray also for Ethnos360 Aviation leaders in Papua New Guinea as they carry the brunt of the impact on the aviation department.

And pray for the whole country of Papua New Guinea. The fuel shortage greatly affects everyone. May God show His grace to all.

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POSTED ON Mar 04, 2024 by Wonita Werley
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