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"Impossible" Goal Reached

R66 #1 serving well in Papua New Guinea

How often have you set a goal that could only be accomplished if God intervened? Maybe you felt that way when Ethnos360 Aviation announced the idea in 2019 of providing three R66 helicopters for Papua New Guinea. How could it ever happen? But now, it’s time to feel relief and joy that He has done what seemed impossible! He has indeed provided for three R66 helicopters for Papua New Guinea! Your faith in His ability to accomplish this project – evidenced by your prayers and giving – was not in vain.

As of mid-February, 2023, the “Three Helicopters for PNG” project is FULLY FUNDED. That means that in just over three years, God brought in a little more than four million dollars. Are you as astounded as we are? Not only has God supplied funds to fully pay for three helicopters, but He also provided the finances to build a new hangar in Papua New Guinea – a long-needed provision to take good care of the additional aircraft He has given. And if that’s not enough, He provided two pilots to fly the helicopters.

Please join us in thanksgiving to God for these three helicopters, but especially praise Him that these tools will reach more people groups that keep asking for someone to come and teach them – like the Kuyu group who just had missionary families move in to bring them the gospel message. These three R66s will sustain the church planting teams already working in over thirteen groups accessible only by helicopter, and, by God’s grace, they will provide expanded service to cover all the islands of Papua New Guinea.

Rafael Elter (l.) and Mark Bogner prepare R66 #2 for service in Papua New Guinea.

At the same time, please keep praying as R66 #2 is soon to be shipped to PNG. And pray for R66 #3 as it is built at the Robinson factory, to be delivered to us in early 2024.

Aircraft are only tools, though. We need people to fly and maintain them, and we need personnel to fill all the support roles to keep an aviation program running. Only God can move hearts to serve Him. Will you join us in fervent, vigilant prayer to the Lord of the Harvest to call forth laborers for this work? If you want to join in specific prayer, please send an email and ask to be placed on the “Ground Crew” list to get timely prayer requests.

If you or someone you know is interested in serving, let’s get in touch. Email Dwight or go to our website to see all the ways you can serve.

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POSTED ON Feb 21, 2023 by Wonita Werley
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