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Pilot Josh with the Maliyali team in 2017.

An earth-shaking, paradigm-shifting clash of worldviews is happening right now in Papua New Guinea. You won’t see this on world news, but Ethnos360 Aviation pilot Josh Verdonck has witnessed the unfolding story:

“Several years ago, in 2017, when I was flying Kodiaks here in Papua New Guinea, I had the opportunity to fly house building materials to an airstrip in the Western Highlands. From there, the supplies were shuttled by helicopter to a place called Maliyali. Three families – the Rimestads, Muellers and later the Earls – built their houses and moved their families into this remote location.”

“For the last [five] years they have been building relationships with the people, learning the language and culture and preparing for what’s coming this month: For the first time ever the Maliyali people will hear the Good News. On August 29th, 2022, the people will gather to hear the missionaries begin teaching Bible lessons in their own language. It’s the next big step toward seeing a thriving church for every people. In time, we pray that the Maliyali people will come to an understanding of who God is, God’s relationship to mankind, mankind’s need for a Savior and ultimately the understanding of Christ’s fulfillment of that need. That understanding will transform the worldview of these people who have not had the chance to hear and have lived in darkness. We have been honored to be part of making it possible for the missionaries to live in Maliyali.”

The Rimestads, Muellers and Earls did indeed begin teaching from Creation to Christ on August 29, and Josh is witnessing events as they happen, this time flying the R66 helicopter which you prayed for and gave towards. “I get to serve the Maliyali people with the helicopter as well!” says Josh. He challenges us to pray for the Maliyali people: “Bring them before the Lord .... Satan does not want us here or the message to go out. We are in a battle for the Truth.” You can keep abreast of the daily lessons by following NTM Papua New Guinea on Facebook.

And in Other News …

On one of the very first flights of the R66 helicopter in PNG, Josh made the first flight ever into the Kuyu people group. He approved the landing area, and work is moving ahead:

“I have been very busy the last several months flying for the Kuyu team. For [seven] years, the Kuyu people have been asking for missionaries to come live among them. Now, just like years before in Maliyali, I have the opportunity to move in the housebuilding materials – this time with the helicopter. It has been a lot of work and a lot of nights away from home to help get the team of missionaries ready to begin ministry amongst the Kuyu people.

The church planters and the Kuyu men team up to unload house‐building supplies.

“Pray for the LeBlancs, the DeValves and the Ames as they prepare to … move into this remote, helicopter access only, area. Pray for the Kuyu people. The process of building relationships and learning language for the end goal of establishing a mature church among the Kuyu starts now.”

When you give to Missionary Flight Sponsorship, you ensure that scenarios like these can happen time and time again — and that they are affordable. Church planting teams can carry out their strategy as you provide for their transportation needs. The Maliyali and the Kuyu — and other people groups like them — get the privilege of hearing the clear teaching of God’s true and enduring message. Thank you!

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POSTED ON Oct 01, 2022 by Wonita Werley