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On to the Philippines

“We can’t wait to get the [R66] helicopter here so we can get back to functioning 100% again,” says NTM Aviation pilot Brian Pruett.

The good news is that today, April 19, the NTM Aviation crew in McNeal, AZ, packed the Robinson R66 helicopter into a shipping container, bound across the ocean.

You can be a huge help to get it there!

Pray for safe shipping with no delays.

Pray for quick processing through customs in the Philippines. Ask God with us to provide the $128,000 in fees, taxes, and shipping.

Pray for reassembly and test flying.

Pray for its certification in the Philippines, as this is the first R66 in that country.

Until the R66 arrives and is in service, the smaller R44 is working very hard! But it is almost out of usable legal hours of flying. Pilot Brian Pruett has been “rationing” the hours, making difficult decisions about which flights are priority.

“We’ve had to stop new developments, new he.lipad construction, outreaches, flights to the major cities, and even some visitors’ flights. We’re doing essential flights only and trying to cut back to 10-12 hours per month for flight time.”

“It was a heartbreaking decision for me because there was no way to curtail the hours on the helicopter without having a major impact on the church planting, translation and discipleship that’s going on here,” observes Brian.

Will you partner with us and with all the missionaries of the Philippines? Make it a point to include the R66 in your prayers and ask God to smooth the way for it to arrive by its expected date of June 2.

And until then, pray that God stretches the hours of the R44 so His work can continue.

You can help with this project.

Photo Journal of the R66 Loading

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POSTED ON Apr 19, 2017 by Wonita Werley
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