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Ready! Set! Serve!
Author: Wonita Werley
Sometimes it’s almost miraculous how fast an R66 can be reassembled and put into service.
A Thanksgiving Feast Like No Other
Author: Wonita Werley
Have you started plans for your Thanksgiving feast this year? Will it take you days or weeks to prepare?
Precious Cargo
Author: Wonita Werley
It was “one of the missions that every missionary pilot wants to experience one day,” recalls pilot Bruno Siqueira.
Just Answer 'Yes'
“Are you working already?!” asked Jamin Peck’s wife. ... “Medevac!” came Jamin’s reply.
Author: Wonita Werley
Church planters Alex and Erin Williams knew they needed help:
Welcome to the PNG Fleet
Author: Phil Koop
It was like Christmas in Goroka, Papua New Guinea, as our aviation team received and unloaded the second R66. Many thanks to you who gave toward this helicopter and have been praying for its safe arrival.
Fruit of Long Labors
“Our life link.”
Mud on Faces - Joy in Hearts
Author: Wonita Werley
Mud is part of life in Papua New Guinea, especially in the lowlands around the Sepik River.
A Puzzle Always Changing
Author: Wonita Werley
Remember those old-timey sliding squares puzzles? You had to move pieces over and over again to get the puzzle to work out. Scheduling flights in Papua New Guinea might be just a little bit like that, only that in PNG the picture keeps changing...
Up, Up and Away
Author: Wonita Werley
Yesterday was the day! The second R66 helicopter for Papua New Guinea started its journey.
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