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Disaster comes ... God answers!
Author: Wonita Werley
All glory to God! We are told the insurance plans to cover $1.2 million USD, close to what we need to replace the damaged R66 helicopter in Brazil after the hangar roof collapsed on it!
Words to Thrive By
Author: Wonita Werley
A man tenderly opens a plastic tote and takes a brand new book out of the pile, whistling as he works.  Faces around him light up as they each get a copy, shyly leafing through the crisp new pages. 
God's Protection Through the Storm
Our Ethnos360 Aviation R66 helicopter in Brazil was severely damaged due to an intense windstorm at the city airport.
New Life - A New View of Life
Author: Wonita Werley
A woman had been in distressful labor for hours, with no sign of progress and some troublesome symptoms. She might need a medevac.
A Downpour of Blessing
Author: Wonita Werley
We experienced a downpour this week; not of rain but an amazing gift from God who provided another NEW Robinson R66 helicopter – this time for Asia-Pacific.
Author: Wonita Werley
How does God measure dedication?
Two Realities:  Opposition and the Power of God’s Word
"It's hard to be a Christian in Masa. We live among people who are not interested in Jesus, who make fun of us, slander us and harm us."
Right Under Our Noses!
Author: Wonita Werley
Ethnos360 Aviation pilot Alex Minium felt like he was facing the impossible.
Sweetness and Whistles of Joy
Author: Wonita Werley
“We don’t know this, David! We never knew that God created the plants and the trees. When people hear this they will say, ‘God made that plant! God made that tree!’”
A Heartfelt Thanks
"It occurred to me that this "thank you" should go to everyone who is part of enabling the helicopter to be here serving the tribal missionaries."
Praise the Lord!  Insurance totaled our damaged R66 helicopter in Brazil and plans to pay the bulk of its value. Read More X