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Author: Wonita Werley
How often have you set a goal that could only be accomplished if God intervened?
When Italy, Australia, and remote Philippines Converge!
With Ethnos360 Aviation service at the ready, translation leaped forward last fall in the Philippines!
Seeing Double!
Your eyes are not deceiving you! There are two brand new Robinson R66 helicopters sitting in the Ethnos360 Aviation hangar in McNeal, AZ!
I See the Light
Three-year-old Hannah intently watched the darkening evening sky for the first sign of the R66 helicopter. Sure enough, there it was – intense white light and a blinking red strobe.
Second Time Around
Author: Wonita Werley
Sharon Sanford well knows the benefit of Ethnos360 Aviation. She and her husband and their three sons depended on it as they spent 1994 to 2006 bringing the Gospel to the remote Joti people group deep in the jungles of South America.
News You Won't Read in the Papers
Author: Wonita Werley
An earth-shaking, paradigm-shifting clash of worldviews is happening right now in Papua New Guinea. You won’t see this on world news, but Ethnos360 Aviation pilot Josh Verdonck has witnessed the unfolding story:
How Long Can You Go ...
Author: Wonita Werley
How low can you go and still be able to navigate the river? Brian and Rachel in Brazil faced that question as they came out of a remote village for a language analysis workshop.
The Power of Flight
Author: Bruce Enemark
Are you interested in mission aviation? Would you like to soar above the clouds or gently set the helicopter down on a tiny square of cleared space? “The Power of Flight” takes a look at Ethnos360 Aviation – its purpose, its strategy, its pilots,...
Core Values of Ethnos360 Aviation
A sidebar to the article "The Power of Flight"
You and Aviation
Author: Bruce Enemark
See how you can become involved in helping get aircraft to the different locations in order to make getting the gospel spread faster or helping to make flights affordable.